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All Donations are tax deductible 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization


The Best Runners (BR) are a growing community based in Washington D.C that are determined to live healthy and improve the lives of underprivileged families across the world. The BR donate 100% of their contributions to charity so that every single dollar goes to fight hunger, provide shelter, and offer scholarships to hard working students in need.

Highlights of Best Runners (BR) :

  • 100% Volunteer driven
  • 100% Transparency on funds
  • 0% Administrative expenses
  • 25+ Sponsors supported BR Run – 2016
  • 600+ Active members
  • 20+ Underprivileged students received BR support (Long term commitment)
  • 10+ Charity organizations supported
  • 10+ Life saving surgeries funded
  • 20+ Health initiatives
  • BR encourages members to protect their families (over 50% have life insurance)

The goal of BR is to make a positive impact upon society by promoting a healthy lifestyle and giving back to those in need to make the world a better place. BR conducts various events and provides numerous opportunities for its members to give back to society. Since its inception, BR has organized/participated in a large variety of activities and events.

Supported by funds received from Run For Charity 2016:

  • Emry Rucker Community Shelter
  • Hunger Shelter in Loudoun County
  • Dulles South Pantry
  • DC Kitchen
  • Abhaya Kshethram (Shelter for Disabled & Orphans)
  • BR Best Student Program
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