Best Schools

The BestSchools is an innovative program from BestRunners, a nonprofit organization with goal to help government schools across rural villages across the globe. BestSchools program is to uplift the government schools by providing necessary infrastructure and education equipment’s to facilitate enrichment to students.


BR GIving program is actively engaged in serving the needy.  The members get together once a week to donate food items to the food banks or cook and serve.  In the first half of 2018, through BR Giving program members have donated over 4,500 pounds of canned/fresh food and have served meals to over 500 people via cook and serve effort.  The program has donated over $5,000 worth of commodities (including food items, gift cards, toiletries etc) to the local non-profits such as:

The local champion visits the school, validate the needs sent by the school, and send photos to the Education committee to supplement the requests. BestRunners educational committee makes the decision based on the local champion recommendations. Education committee then requests invoices from multiple vendors and co-ordinates with the champion to provide the equipment requested to the school directly.

A well renowned quote as it says brings positive changes to the society through better education. Bestschools program targets the rural villages to give them empowerment by aiding the schools with better facilities. This program helps the underprivileged rural schools to equip them better with necessary educational supplies.

Schools benefited by the BestSchools Program:

  1. School supplies to Government school – Tamil Nadu, India
  2. School renovation support – Punjab, India
  3. Computer to Government school – Tamil Nadu, India

BestRunners requests everyone including volunteers to spread the message to government schools to utilize the program. BestRunners requests you to help and/or contribute to the program in one or other ways to make this success and to reach the benefit for those in need.

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family”.

–Kofi Annan