✋ Best Runners Giving No. 110 – 11/17/2019 ✋

✋ Best Runners Giving No. 110 – 11/17/2019 ✋

✋#BRGiving – The Novelty in celebration of special days ✋

  • ✋Today’s Shelter: New Hope Housing, Alexandria, VA
  • ✋Total Cost of the event: $150
  • ✋Number of pounds of items donated: 250

✋The Giving Story:

Ram and Sushma used this opportunity to teach the kids the importance of sharing with the needy. Ram said, “The kids are generally good at sharing with friends. But sharing with the needy is more important and impactful to society. It is sharing with the strangers without expecting anything return”.

They went together shopping for the giving event. After purchasing, the family went to the shelter and donated the items. It was a family outing in a novel way.

The kids were also part of this noble as well as novel cause. BR is proud to have generous and thoughtful members who are taking every opportunity to instill caring, sharing, and charity to their kids at such a young age.

✋Giving Leaders:

  • Balarama (Ram) Morla
  • Sushma
  • Abhiram
  • Anvika

Thanks to you all for making this event possible 🙏

Let’s change the way we celebrate our special days ✋

Please sign up to pick any day (your own “Giving Day”) to give back to society. We are putting the whole year calendar so that you will find a weekend around your SPECIAL day. BR team is committed to helping you with everything you need to make it your own “Giving day.” Please email Sundar at sndrmmjmdr@yahoo.com; mention “BR Giving – <your giving date>” in the subject line.

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