✋ Best Runners Giving No. 115 – 1/12/2020 ✋

#BRGiving – The Novelty in celebration of special days

  • Today’s Shelter: Loudoun Homeless Shelter, Leesburg, VA
  • Total Cost of the event: $101
  • Number of pounds of items donated: 225

The Giving Story:

BR Giving is all about celebrating special occasions or otherwise with society or community. We all know that sharing gives us pleasure and happiness. By giving back to society, you always get peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment.

Sankati family celebrated their daughter, Manvi Sankati’s 8th birthday celebrations in Best Runner style. The family with 2 kids participated in the event. It is so encouraging that kids were part of this noble act. Best Runners family wishes, Manvi, a very happy birthday. May God bless you!

Spaski writes, “My daughter Manvi Completed her Birthday Celebration by giving $100 worth of Food at Loudon Homeless Shelter this morning, They we’re excited picking up the food at the store and put in the cart and prettty much they followed whatever in the list of accepting food items non- perishable to perishable foods .At the Loudon County Homeless Shelter they were so praising ‘ BestRunners’ Organization .”

Giving Leaders:

  • Spaski Sankati
  • Manvi Sankati
  • Medha Sankati

Let’s change the way we celebrate our special days

Please sign up to pick any day (your own “Giving Day”) to give back to society. We are putting the whole year calendar so that you will find a weekend around your SPECIAL day. BR team is committed to helping you with everything you need to make it your own “Giving day.” Please email Sundar at sndrmmjmdr@yahoo.com; mention “BR Giving – <your giving date>” in the subject line.

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