✋Best Runners Giving – 55 – 10/06/2018✋

✋#BRGiving – The Novelty in celebration of special days ✋
✋Day: Saturday, 10/06/2018✋
✋Today’s Shelter: Missionaries of Charity, Washington, DC
✋Total Cost of the event: $240 ($480 with corporate match)
Food donated: 400 pounds
✋The Giving Story:
Satya led this week’s giving in remembrance of his late mother. What could have been a better way to remember a loved one than charity to the community. 
Satya’s friends Syam and Shekar helped him with the logistics – purchase, transportation and stacking the donation items. The shopping was done from a local grocery store in the morning. 
✋Giving Leaders:
Satya Balla
Syam Ganna
Shekar Dodly
Thanks to you all for making this event possible ��
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