✋Best Runners Giving – 73 – 03/10/2019✋

✋#BRGiving – The Novelty in celebration of special days ✋

Day: Saturday, 03/10/2019

Today’s Shelter: Artemis House Family Shelter, Fairfax County, VA

Total Cost of the event: $229.26

No. of pounds of items donated: 450


The Giving Story:

Samatha, Sravanthi, and Manjeera mentioned, “In the fond memory of our beloved mother Kasturi Parupally”. They observed their mother’s death anniversary by serving the community. May God bless you!

Despite a hectic weekend due to the ceremony rituals, joined by Radhakrishna and daughter, Sahithi, Samatha visited multiple local stores to acquire the items that were requested by the shelter. The shelter has specifically requested for toddler accessories like diapers and wipes which the giving leaders did not miss. They also bought fresh fruits and vegetables along with non-perishable food.

The shelter is not publicly open and maintains a low profile and hence do not disclose their contact details and locations. It mainly shelters women and children who have undergone domestic violence. The shelter driver visited met Samatha and family at the grocery store and picked up the items.

BR Team thanks the volunteers today for their generosity and helping the community. Including the children is a great idea to inculcate charity in them at an early age. May God bless you!

Giving Team:

  • Samatha Atluri
  • Radhakrishna Atluri
  • Sahithi Atluri

Thanks to you all for making this event possible 🙏

Please sign up to pick any day (your own “Giving Day”) to give back to society. We are putting the whole year calendar so, that you will find a weekend around your SPECIAL day. BR team is committed to help you with everything you need to make it your own “Giving day”

Let’s change the way we celebrate our special days ✋

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