✋Best Runners Giving – 78 – 04/06/2019✋


✋#BRGiving – The Novelty in celebration of special days ✋

Day: Saturday, 04/06/2019

Today’s Shelter: Loudoun Homeless Shelter, Leesburg, VA

Total Cost of the event: $106.98

No. of people served: 45


The Giving Story:

What can be a better way to remember someone beloved than by serving the humanity. Seema and Shekar did the same. They cooked and delivered dinner for 45 people.

They bought the groceries from local stores and prepared the dishes fresh. Poulami delivered the chicken dish. The menu included parsley flavored brown rice, chickpeas & red beans curry, green salad, sautéed green beans & brussels sprout, whole wheat naans and grilled/baked chicken. They went to the shelter and handed over the hot dishes to the shelter manager.

BR Team says thanks Seema and family for leading the change of way in celebrating special days and committing to continue the selfless act. BR Giving program has been making strides due to efforts of such kind-hearted volunteers.

Including the children is a great idea to inculcate charity in them at an early age. May God bless you!

Giving Team:

  • Shekar Dodly
  • Seema Dutta
  • Saanvi Dodly
  • Poulami Majumdar

Thanks to you all for making this event possible 🙏

Please sign up to pick any day (your own “Giving Day”) to give back to society. We are putting the whole year calendar so, that you will find a weekend around your SPECIAL day. BR team is committed to help you with everything you need to make it your own “Giving day”

Let’s change the way we celebrate our special days ✋

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