A life lover sharing is caring, and we want to continue Best Runners (BR) organization efforts to share & care for our community in different ways. On April 7th, we will be doing a stock/financial education session.

The session will be 2 hours long and will cover following topics:

How to read Technical Analysis of Securities

  • Charts – Swing trading and day trading set-up
  • Indicators – TTMSqueeze, SMA & EMA and RSI
  • Scans – Squeeze and RSI
  • Watchlists – Save Scans as Watchlist and Alerts/Notifications
  • Strategies – RSI and Flag
  • Fibonacci Extensions & Retracements
  • What Time Frames to be used in Tech Analysis and when and for what, like See the Trend, Confirm it and then for creating an order.
  • Estimate the approximate time for the reversals and reaching Resistance from Support or to Support from Resistance.

Price Action Analysis

  • Support & Resistance
  • Dynamic Support & Resistance
  • Breakout of Range
  • HHHL – Uptrend
  • LHLL – Downtrend Bull Flag / Bear Flag
  • Identification of Swing trades
  • Secrets of Swing Trading
  • Short Squeeze and Short Covering
  • How to find the Stock movement, Top/Bottom on Friday and Other days possibly as well based on Options Activity.
  • How to find if any Price on a Stock is pinned for Options.

Please note that our primary goal behind these sessions is inclusive growth, which means growth for us and one below us in the financial chain. All the money raised through these sessions will go towards ‘Best Runners’ charity projects. Presenters are teaching/ sharing their expertise w/o any expectations and all donations go to charity. . Visit Bestrunners.org for more info.

Minimum donation: $25 per person and one can always donate more as all funds go to charity and are tax deductible in US. Tax ID # 47-4196907

Group members can come forward to use these funds for any noble causes. If you would like to utilize these funds for any underprivileged schools/orphanages in India or US, we can send the collected funds to that organization.

Learning and Giving should be our top priorities and the money flows that learn, grow and give back to the community without any expectations.

Date & Time: 04/07/19 (Sunday) from 2 to 4 pm EST

Location: Online via Video Conference.

Please enter valid Email ID as meeting invite will be sent to your email account on the day of the event.

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