A life lover sharing is caring, and we want to continue Best Runners (BR) organization efforts to share & care for our community in different ways. On Sep 30th, BR will be conducting a stock/financial education session. These sessions and the recommendations have helped many on their path to more financial prosperity.

The session will be 2 hours long and will cover following topics:

Options Education

  • Options Basics, Terminologies and Greeks
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Options
  • When to Buy and Sell Options?
  • Vertical Spreads and Covered Calls
  • Monthly Recurring Income using Options
  • Rule of Thumb(s) on Options Trading

Technical Analysis

  • Multiple Technical Indicators to have an edge in investments/trading.
  • Identifying Support and Resistance
  • Identifying Buy and Sell triggers
  • Trading based on Price Action in Stocks and Options
  • Scan and Identifying Potential Setups in Stocks and Options
  • Identifying Over Bought and Over Sold conditions.
  • Trendlines and Use of trendlines effectively.
  • Indicators for Day Trading, Swing Trading and Long Term Trading/Investment.
  • Identify Tomorrow’s Buy and Sell prices Today.

Please note that our primary goal behind these sessions is inclusive growth, which means growth for us and one below us in the financial chain. We did several of these free sessions in the past, and those slots got filled up quickly and many were left out. Based on that experience, we would like to charge a nominal amount to accommodate only interested and serious folks who want to learn investment and trading techniques and make some money. Not only that, there is cost associated to conduct online sessions. All the money raised through these sessions will go towards ‘Best Runners’ charity projects. Presenters won’t receive a single penny and are teaching/ sharing their expertise w/o any expectations and all donations go to charity. Visit Bestrunners.org for more info.

https://www.facebook.com/BestRunnersOrg for all the charity events and activities.

Minimum donation: $25 per person and one can always donate more as all funds go to charity and are tax deductible in US. Tax ID # 47-4196907

Learning and Giving should be our top priorities and the money flows who learn, grow and give back without any expectations.

Date & Time: 9/30/18 (Sunday) from 3 to 5 pm EST

Location: Online via Video Conference.

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