9th Annual – Run for Charity (VIRTUAL)

Various Prizes in multiple categories

Event Duration : Saturday, 4th Sept 2021  – Sunday, 12th Sept 2021                  

FREE STYLE Event            FREE Registration

Choose your own target (PACE and DISTANCE)

100% Volunteer Driven   

100% Transparent Fund Management         

$0 Administrative Overhead

Fighting Hunger
Local Shelters Supported
  • 30,000 Pounds of Food donated
  • 150+ Weekly Giving Events
  • 100+ Fresh Food Preparations
  • 100+ Food drops
  • 5 Gift card donations
  • 2000+ Fresh Meals
  • $30,000+ contribution from volunteers
  • COVID-19 Relief Work
  • Embry Rucker Shelter, Reston
  • St Timothy’s Food Pantry, Chantilly
  • Patrick Henry Family Shelter, Falls Church
  • SERVE Northern Virginia Family Service
  • Loudoun Hunger Relief, Leesburg
  • Artemis Shelter, Herndon
  • Loudoun Abused Women Shelter                 

and many more

Education:  Best Runners is focused on improving the infrastructure of schools needing renovation and providing equipment that aids in student enrichment.

Better education brings positive changes to society!

Participate in Run for Charity to support the Best Runners Services:

  1. Promoting Health by weekly Boot Camps & regular BR Info Sessions on Health.
  2. Funding Education for underprivileged & rural schools.
  3. Fighting Hunger by providing fresh food and grocery on every single weekend. 
  4. Providing Shelter for needy families that are affected by natural calamities.