Dr. Khadar Vali is an enthusiast in the cause of naturalization in farming techniques, partnering with Onus in order to eradicate the usage of pesticides and fertilizers. He also promotes organically synthesized ways to improve productivity and soil fertilization. Millets were indeed a major part of our ancestors’ diet and with the introduction of rice being commercialized and considered as rich men’s food among society in its beginning stages, rice began its expansion into farming and our daily lives.

In time, the usage of pesticides and chemicals in fertilizers to increase the productivity of rice at a commercial scale gave rise to the introduction and increase in health hazards that were previously unknown. Nutrition and immunity were tossed out the window, thus paving a way for diseases to seep into our lives. We fail to comprehend the attributes in our food choices that humanity welcomed with a lack of awareness on the sources and cultivation of our produce.

Dr. Khadar Vali is a natural scientist with a PHD from IISC Bangalore. He works in Beaverton, Oregon in USA and is a dedicated individual fully aware of the paradigm shift in farming methods, He stayed true to himself, and his conscience led him to go back to his roots and reinvent farming. 

The man on a mission shifted his base to Karnataka in early 1990’s. Dr. Khadar Vali, a native of Produtturu in Andhra Pradesh and bought up in an agrarian society, started his arduous journey to enlighten on the food habits of humanity and aid the farming society with innovative organic farming methods. Change is hard to bring and hard to persist. Setbacks came in the form of people not believing in his methods. Proven results to support his methods and the word of witnesses as a primary marketing channel soon started influencing the viewpoint of society.

Critics converted into believers of Dr.Khadar Vali, and followed him in his pursuit for better farming methods.  We, the consumers lead to the economic success of the Producers and the hitherto benefactors were Farmers who are handsomely compensated with growing Millets as a commercial crop. Farmers imbibing the Organic Farming methodologies vouches the beliefs of our Millet Man.