Now as we are moving into summer time, we have lot of activities coming up for kids as well as adult members.

  1. We are kicking off BR Juniors boot camps starting this weekend. Please join us on Saturday July 8th at 8AM @ Franklin Middle School grounds. This boot camp will be focused on fitness and we will do some Yoga and stretching.
  2. We have a task for the kids. Please have your kids write and send a paragraph about what you love about BR, and your favorite moment from BR DAY. The form is linked here and entries are due 7/14/2017.
  3. We are also holding an Art Contest! As you know, the BR Run is coming up, and we want the kids to design a flyer for us. Please scan and send your entries to Info@BestRunners.Org. Please provide Name and Age of the participant.
  4. BRRun2017. Please remember to register for the BR Run. Your participation is key to our success as we plan to use the funds towards some very important BR initiatives including the BR Best Student program, in which we work towards securing a future for underprivileged children.

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