BR Juniors Boot camp on July-8-2017 at Franklin Middle school was a great success. Here are few comments from those who attended the boot camp.

“What a great start of the weekend with the boot camp. I feel so blessed to be part of the group where entire families are coming together for such good causes. Juniors rocked again and gave a good workout to the group. Surya Namaskar was taught by amazing kids. ”  — Nitin

“Good crowd and nice work out early in the morning. It’s always fun when we do as a group!!!” –Syam

“Boot camp is great success and BR juniors rocked. It is first experience for me with this BR Bootcamp and I would like to join as much as I can. Thanks all the families and especially elders for the good encouragement to all of us” –Rao

“Everyone rocked this morning. Great job juniors, well planned and executed. We are proud of you” –Shekar

“Great job kids. You rock. I enjoyed a lot today morning 1 mile run and yoga exercises.” — Kishore

“Had a good workout session at boot camp. It is good to see all family members including kids participating in the boot camp. Kudos to BR juniors team” – Raghu

“Thanks everyone for good workout session. Had a good time with group. Looking forward to join the next event” — Chaitanya

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