Best Runners Education Grant Guidelines

Grant Request for Public Schools:

  1. School request must be for Public schools or Charity schools (Kindergarten to 12th Grade)
  2. At-least 100 students in the school, exceptions will be reviewed
  3. Initial grant for each school is $1000. exceptions will be reviewed
  4. School requests can be submit any time, review must start within 15 days of receiving the application. Decision will be made within 30 days of receiving the application. The application should be complete for review otherwise there will be delay.
  5. Any continuing grant will be based on the annual report from the school. Continuing grant will be provided only if the BR grant has been utilized as per the BR Education committee guidelines.  
  6. All the mandatory fields in the BR Education Grants Form should be filled by the requester before the review can begin.
  7. Annual Report
    1. Motivate students to maintain cleanliness in the school
    2. Annual day
      1. Run for Charity – Conduct a race to motivate local people to live healthy lifestyle
    3. Required giving back to community,
      1. 1000 trees per year sponsored by BR – Each student may need to plant some trees and maintain them.
      2. Local volunteering – Start doing community service to the  local needy.

Grant Request for Charity Schools:

  1. Charity school or organization should not be directly or indirectly linked to any political parties or influencing religion
  2. There should not be any known conflicts with the organization
  3. Organization requesting funds should not have any controversial in the name of religion, caste and region.
  4. Should be a govt registered trust or organization.