BestRunners School infrastructure improvement program

Your BestRunners charity currently supports BestSchools program with a goal to help government schools in rural villages across the globe by providing education equipment to facilitate student enrichment.

The new “BestRunners school infrastructure improvement” program aims at helping the infrastructure needs of the government schools.

Program Highlihts:
BestRunners matches the fund raised or donated by the BestRunners USA coordinator with the upper limit of $1,000 per school per request.

For example: If Tom raises/donates $500 towards an infrastructure request, then BestRunners matches it and gives the total of $1,500 (500 from coordinator + 1,000 from BestRunners). However, if the fund raised or donated exceeds the initially requested fund, then BestRunners uses the excess funds for other education programs.

BestRunners allocates budget for this program every year and matches the donation till the budget is available. If the budget is not avialable, then the coordinator can raise or donate fund to this program, which will be given to the school request without any matching grand.

Program details:

Step 1: BestRunners USA coordinator reviews the request and prepare a document with the needs and photos. If the infrastructure requirements are due to natural calamity, then it also mention the details of such. Document should also include the timeline/phases of the infrastructure improvements.

Step 2: Coordinator submits the request to Education committee with all the details for the approval.

Step 3: BestRunners education committee reviews the request and convey the outcome (Approved / Declined / Need more details) to the coordinator

Step 4: Once the request is approved, the coordinator raises fund by one or more options available:
     A. Donates the fund to BestRunners directly
     B. Uses BestRunners facebook fundraising platform
     C. Uses BestRunners website page for fundraising (need to coordinate with BR website team)

Step 5: Once the fundraising is concluded, BestRunners education committee and Finance committee reviews the transaction and transfer the fund to the school

Step 6: Coordinator works with the school and provides quarterly update on the infrastructure improvement program and the benefit for the next 24 months from the start of the project