For it is in giving that we receive


Doing your part for the society is not a charity, it is a great idea to let yourself understand that how great human life is and how valuable a gift it is.

Believing in this very thought, 50 weeks ago, Best Runners started a campaign called ‘Giving’, to change the way people spend their weekends and celebrate their special days. It’s been 50 long weeks, that the Best Runner volunteers have been able to donate time, money and efforts continuously to more than 50 different organizations or shelters.

Last weekend, Best Runners organized their ‘Golden Giving’ event to honor their 50 continuous weeks of ‘Giving’ or providing food and charity support to local Shelters. This was a milestone effort from BR. They have been able to do 11 Giving events in a single weekend!
6 Givings in VA (Fairfax, Leesburg, Manasas, Reston & Fallschurch), 1 in Minneapolis, 1 in Jacksonville, 1 in Albany ,1 in Tucson, 1 in New Jersey. Around 50 volunteers helped to make this event a super success.

In words of one of our BR volunteers who chose Loudon Hunger Relief to be her Golden Giving shelter, ‘Best runners made it literally Golden for us to be a part of it. The experience was just so humble. Me, my friends, and KIDS went out to do grocery shopping as suggested by the shelter. Spent lot of quality time with kids guiding them ‘what it means to be the one lending a hand to help’ ”

The most important factor of this campaign is that they want to change the way we celebrate. If our next generations can see us celebrating our birthdays and anniversaries doing this kind of sharing with community activities, the future of the world will be much more harmonial and positive thinking can get inculcated in the thoughts of our kids.

Best runners does it every weekend, and if u want to change the way you celebrate your special days, be a part of the giving. On September 9th, they are organizing a Run for Charity ( ) which in return does the funding for such giving activities and education of needy students worldwide. So, come join us with all your heart and make this happen. We all can make a difference, today!

Always remember- For it is in giving that we receive!!

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