Golden Giving – 50 – by Best Runners – 08-25-2018

Golden Giving – 50th Giving Celebrations

11 Giving events in a single single weekend!!

6 Givings in VA (Fairfax, Leesburg, Manasas, Reston & Fallschurch)
1 Giving in Minneapolis
1 Giving in Jacksonville
1 Giving in Albany
1 Giving in Tucson
1 Giving in New Jersey

Katherine Hanley Family Shelter
Loudoun Homeless Shelter
Embry Rucker Family Shelter
Loudoun Hunger Relief
Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter
People Serving People
Turning Point Community Services
Primavera Foundation -Men’s Shelter
Sulzbacher Center
Interfaith Partenership for the homeless
SERVE – Manassas
JCOC-Judeo-Christian Outreach Center

$1219.43 spent for all the Giving events!
Around 50 volunteers helped to make this event!

All this was possible with the funds that we raised with Run for Charity – 2017. Best Runners can do much more with the funds that we raise with Run for Charity – 2018.

On this Golden Giving, just wanted to share that how proud I am to be a part of Best Runners. Golden Giving, giving our time and money for 50 long weeks continuously, BR has achieved a great milestone. It’s not every weekend we wake up and feel today we need to do something to make difference in someone’s life. But being the BR member, we know that every weekend, difference is being made with team efforts.

If we truly can change the way we and people around us, spend their weekends and special days, it will be a great and a healthy change.

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