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Sponsor Run for Charity 2018 – Herndon 5K 1K Run Walk

Best Runners is an registered 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization. The Best Runners goal is to make a positive impact on society by promoting a healthy lifestyle and extending a supporting hand to those in need without any reservations. Best Runners conducts various events and provides opportunities for its members to achieve and contribute to the core BR goals:

  • Funding Education for underprivileged
  • Fighting Hunger by supporting food shelters
  • Providing Shelter for disabled & orphans

Each year, Best Runners holds its annual Run for Charity, our biggest and only fundraising event of the year and it will be on Sunday, 9th September 2018 at Dulles Station Blvd, Herndon. This event is crucial to achieve our core goals, and to fund our ongoing charitable projects throughout the year. Last year, around 1000 participants attended the Run for Charity, and we raised over $20,000 dollars to support BR core goals. This year, we hope to double our registration count, with the target of doubling the positive impact we want to have on our society.

We humbly request your kind consideration in becoming one of our sponsors for Run for Charity, which will help us raise funds to give back to society. Not only will you be contributing to several amazing causes but helping by sponsoring BR will give you an opportunity to reach out to thousands of BR members and Run for Charity participants using one the following opportunities. The categories above are guidelines, but we welcome all donations that help us give back to community.

Run for Charity is an 100% volunteer driven event, so 100% of your donation goes to the cause directly. Best Runners is an registered 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization, so your donation is tax deductible.

Level Amount Our Gratitude


  • Listed as main event sponsor
  • Company logo on the event’s T-Shirt, Banner, Website
  • Published in Facebook &  Newsletters
  • Stall setup at the event location
  • Information sessions throughout the year advertised to members


  • Your company logo on the event’s T-Shirt, Banner, Website
  • Published in Facebook &  Newsletters
  • Stall setup at the event location


  • Your company logo on the event’s T-Shirt, Banner, Website
  • Published in Facebook
  • Stall setup at the event location


  • Your company logo in Website
  • Published in Facebook
  • Stall setup at the event location


  • Your company logo in Website

100% Volunteer driven

100% Transparent Fund Management     

0$ Administrative Overhead

Sponsor Run for Charity 2019

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Donation Total: $1,000

Best Runners is an registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, your donation is tax deductible.
100% Volunteer driven. 100% Transparency on funds. 0$ Administrative expenses. Cutoff date to send your logo to print on T-Shirt and Banner is 08/23/2019. Please contact if you need more details OR prefer to send Check payment.

Please email if you need more details or prefer to send a check.

Stall/Booth setup at the event: Cutoff date to decide: Wednesday, Sep-5-2018
Flyer/Leaf/Coupon/Brochure for Race packet: Cutoff date: Thursday, Sep-6-2018
Sponsors recognition: At the event location, after the 5K race.

1. Stall/Booth setup at the event

Best Runners appreciate your contributions to the community and invites you to set up a stall/booth at the event venue to showcase/promote your business/product.

If you would like to utilize this opportunity, then please let us know by email ( or contact the volunteer directly) before September 5th (Wednesday). There are limited number of stalls/booths that are available at the event location, so your prompt response will helps us in making necessary arrangements.

Please consider the following, while planning for stall/booth setup at the event:

  • Cutoff date to confirm booth/stall setup is 5-Sep-2018
  • Please bring all the necessary materials (Canopy, Tables and Chairs etc)
  • Please bring a portable generator (if you need power supply)
  • You are welcome to promote your business/service/product, but you would NOT sell any products at the event
  • If you are planning to provide any food samples, please send us a waiver form
  • We request you to come to the event site by 7 AM, so you have time to set up

2. Flyer/Leaf/Coupon/Brochure for Race packet

As a Run for Charity sponsor, you have an opportunity to place Flyer/Leaf/Coupon/Brochure in the race packet distributed to all the registrants.

Please consider the following, while planning for flyer/leaf/coupon for race packet:

  • Size of the flyer or leaf or brochure or coupon cannot exceed Letter size (8.5”X11”)
  • Flyer/leaf/brochure/coupon should be the sponsor’s business/service/product
  • Cutoff date to give the Flyer/leaf/brochure/coupon to Best Runners is 6-Sep-2018
  • One race packet is given per family; we suggest around 600 counts of flyers/coupons.(If you give less than 600 count, then we will place them in race packet randomly)

3. Sponsors recognition

BestRunners will be doing Sponsors recognition after the 5K run; kindly plan to attend the event. BestRunners would like to see you and your business personnel at the event..